What better way to encourage others to write than to share my own favourite writing resources?

But rather than doing it in a blog post that will get list and buried in the inevitable deluge of posts (What? I’ve got to at least pretend I’m going to keep this up!), I’ve made it into a page. It’s still fairly short, but I’m not finished yet and I’ll keep adding to it as I find new and more useful software or books.

Quite a short post today, I know, but I thought I’d publicise my new page. Find it HERE.



Finally! After months of work, my dissertation is complete and ready to be handed in. The word count was 5,000 words (I hit it exactly, but apparently it’s suspicious if you say that, so I lied by twenty words). The subject was Portrayals of Lucifer in Popular Culture. I got to watch Supernatural and it counted as research. I tried to read Paradise Lost… I’m still losing that battle. That’s a long book. I did read a brilliant novel called I, Lucifer by Glen Duncan – I’d recommend that to anyone. In fact, now I have all this dissertation-free time, I may well post a review later in the week. Continue reading