SOS: A Writing Prompt

Four lives depend on this. Two men and two women are trapped on an island. They don’t know where. They found a rescue plane with supplies for 40 people, but both pilots died and the plane lost one wing and only one engine remains. They have seen no other aircraft and no other ships.
The island’s inhabitants are hostile but the crash site is safe ground for the four survivors. They have set up camp but they want to go home.

How would you save them?


So I just watched The Thirteenth Tale on BBC Two and wow! What a gripping story! Normally, I am quite happy to only half pay attention to whatever’s on the box, but within about fifteen minutes, I was hooked. And I was trying to write.

It usually takes quite a lot to distract me from writing. This had a mystery I felt I could work out without actually being told outright. The clues were all there from the start, no sudden curve-balls or anything that I couldn’t possibly have known (I’m looking at Midsomer Murders now – I mean, come on! Give me at least a tiny clue!). It was clever, it was well-written and it kept my interest.

But by the end, I still felt that something was missing and I just couldn’t work out what. It was well-acted, the story hung together and all my questions had been answered. So I googled it.

Turns out, it was based on a book.

(And here’s the proof of how good I thought it was: I bought it right away.) If you’ve not seen it, check it out, because if it kept me entertained, you’re going to love it.


So that’s July out of the way at least. I’ve been a bit lazy with this blog for the last two months, but I have a list of great excuses!
1. I graduated! I’m now the proud holder of a BA in Creative and Media Writing.
2. I’ve accepted my place at uni for next year – MSc Computer Games Technology.
3. I have just finished Camp NaNoWriMo, adding about 25,000 words to my novel Uncharted.
4. I was dog sitting.

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