So that’s July out of the way at least. I’ve been a bit lazy with this blog for the last two months, but I have a list of great excuses!
1. I graduated! I’m now the proud holder of a BA in Creative and Media Writing.
2. I’ve accepted my place at uni for next year – MSc Computer Games Technology.
3. I have just finished Camp NaNoWriMo, adding about 25,000 words to my novel Uncharted.
4. I was dog sitting.

Satisfied? Good.

So I’m finally moving on with Uncharted! It’s been incubating for over a year now but all the dissertation work I put into it made it temporarily lose its shine. Camp NaNoWriMo seemed like an excellent excuse to get out the polish and see if I couldn’t perk it up a little. It’s now just over 50k and I’ve got maybe four more chapters left to write before I’ve got a working first draft.
I’ve also started work to turn the novel into a game – a project I may continue as part of my Master’s degree. But more on that at a later date.

My other current novel Judgement is still at the forefront of my mind. I’ve started to get feedback from my little group of the best people in the world and hopefully, when the first draft of Uncharted is done, I can start work on the second draft of that.

My gaming blog is also still pootling along like a jelly jalopy, but I’ve not even played any new games recently. I’m quite excited for the launch of the new Theatrhythm game, but I doubt I’ll be buying it any time soon…although that collectors edition does look tempting.


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