So updating my blog regularly through November turned out to be a bogus call. As it turned out, I just didn’t have time. See, I decided, since last year’s NaNo project was so successful, that I would do it again. Only I’d make it more difficult by also moving house.

The trendy term is downsizing but the reality is cramming a million bulky possessions into a house that cannot hold them. I used to have two sofas, three armchairs, three wardrobes and two beds.  I lost a bed, two wardrobes and an armchair in the move and still can’t fit two armchairs and a sofa into the new flat. It’s havoc.
Incidentally, this left me without a desk for nearly the entirety of November. Too many boxes. But a laptop is called a laptop for a reason, so I have survived.
I even achieved the target word count for NaNo. The story I’ve written is bad and I doubt I’ll ever publish it in its current form, but I did it!
Take that, world.


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