Planetary System Worksheet

Due to a quirk of nature by which I am both terrible at remembering things and using the internet, last week’s worksheet didn’t get uploaded. So, happy Monday, everybody. Here’s a bonus for you.

Planetary System Worksheet

I’ve also done an example worksheet in case you’re interested in what our solar system would look like. On the first page, I used the diagram to show the relative size and position of the planets to the sun (it’s not to scale because I couldn’t fit Jupiter on the page while still keeping mercury visible to the naked eye) and on the second page, I used it to draw a sketch of the planet. Well, I say draw… mostly I just put a big blue circle because that’s what Uranus looks like. And no, I didn’t choose Uranus because of the name. It’s actually my favourite planet because it is big and blue and someone has clearly pushed it over, based on its axial tilt.

This one is more technical than others (I copied all my information from Wikipedia since I couldn’t even begin to guess how big the sun was) and would most likely suit hardcore sci-fi fans more than any other genre, but if you can make use of it in some other way, then go ahead. And let me know how you used it – I’d love to hear.

I’m still going to upload another worksheet this week – stay tuned for a character interaction guide – but for now, enjoy creating some planets.

As always, don’t stress over it and enjoy!


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