Sensory Details Reference Sheet

This week’s worksheet is designed to be used over and over whenever you visit somewhere new (or old) to build up your own reference library for sensory details in places. It’s one of the things that my beta-readers often tell me needs improving. I know what the places looks and feels like, but I’ve not put enough of it into the writing. By building up a reference library, you can look back at places you’ve visited and recall more clearly how it felt to actually be there.

Don’t forget that the season, time of day and weather all have a huge effect on sense of place. Try going back in different conditions to add even more detail to your reference sheets.

Sensory Details Worksheet

My example worksheet is of an afternoon at a funfair by the sea in the summer. I’m sure with a little more concentration — or a repeat visit — you can come up with a much more comprehensive set of reference sheets. For a chance to have your place featured in my next reference book, add link to your worksheet in the comments!

As always, don’t stress over it and enjoy!


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