Magical Powers Worksheet

This week, I’m all about magic. Mostly, I’m hoping that I’ll discover some kind of magical pen that can write while I sleep or a spell that will stop me getting tired. No luck yet, but it did seem like a great idea for a worksheet.

Magic Worksheet
Magical Powers Worksheet

I have done an example for this one, since on its own, the sheet might not make a whole lot of sense (possibly shoddy writing on my part, possibly because it’s linked to a section in my upcoming worldbuilding book). Hopefully, you’ll get some use out of it though and hopefully it will make a good reference sheet when you come to write your very own book of spells/fantasy novel/role playing game/insert other option here. You could also use it to create your own supernatural beings or superheroes or maybe even futuristic technology – although some of the headings may need tweaking.

As always, don’t stress over it and enjoy!



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