Plotting Worksheet

So, where exactly is your plot taking you? What happens next? What is this story about? It’s time to think about plot.

Plotting Worksheet
Plotting Worksheet

This is another one that might help with your NaNoWriMo prep. It was written using Christopher Vogler’s The Writer’s Journey, which is a brilliant writing book. If you’ve not heard of it, I seriously recommend checking it out – I think it’s one of the best and will definitely make filling out the worksheet easier.

For those of you who aren’t inclined to read books about writing just for the sake of writing your own (dangerous tactic nowadays, but whatever works for you!), I’ve provided an example worksheet that should help make sense of some of the headings I’ve used.

It’s really three worksheets in one, this one. The first page is an overview of all the bits that will make up your story – characters, general scenes, motivations etc. Page two is a brief run through of the plot from beginning to end (all on one page for quick reference). The last four pages let you look at each ‘act’ (beginning, middle and end) of the story in more detail. Act II (middle) is divided into two parts since it should be the longest section.

Here’s a thought for anyone doing NaNoWriMo this year: four acts in your story, four weeks in November. An act a week might be a good way to keep your story on schedule!

As always, don’t stress over it and enjoy!



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