Tests & Trials Worksheet

This week’s worksheet concentrates on the middle of the story. Why not the beginning or the end? Well, in my experience these are the easiest parts. You know who’s involved and what you want to happen in the end. But the middle is the stinking swamp you need to traverse to get there. The middle is where all the trials begin.

Tests & Trials Worksheet
Tests & Trials Worksheet

Along with last week’s plotting worksheet, this should help you lay out all the details of your story.

The trials and tests are the part of the story where the main character makes friends and enemies and progresses towards their ultimate goal. Sometimes, this is gaining the trust of allies – think of The Wizard of Oz. Sometimes, it’s breaking into the bank before you can reach “The Vault”. Whatever it is, this should help you plot it or keep track of it.

The second page is the same as the first only with no numbers included so you can print multiple copies for any further trials your characters may face.

As always, don’t stress over it and enjoy!


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