Review: Poet Robot by E.I. Wong

28495754I love this book. Written by the handsome E.I. Wong (his words), the hopefully formerly depressed human of A Narcissist Writes Letters to Himself fame*, Poet Robot is made of exactly the kind of twisted humour I wasn’t sure other people had. It’s about the hilarious cruelty of life, the truth that we are nothing more than monkeys in shoes. The fact that most of us, in those dark corners of our minds that we don’t ever dare show anyone else, all want to kill some of the other people**. It’s human darkness warped into comedy. It also contains the world’s best lesson on the dire consequences of misplaced commas.

They’ll never think a midget moose pee collecting psycho is on the loose. That would be ridiculous.

It took me half an hour to chose that quote. That’s slightly more time than it took me to realise that I have no idea how to review a poetry book.

So here’s what you need to know. This book is funny. Even the copyright page has jokes. If you have a delicate, easily-offended soul, it’s probably best you avoid it. If not, buy it. Like, right now. It will change your life. Or open your eyes to new perspectives. Or make you laugh. Probably. And even if it doesn’t, he’s a really good guy. And I know that’s true because it says so in his book. And why would he lie?

For more details, check out the author’s blog or visit Poet Robot on Goodreads. He’s running a giveaway, so you might as well enter.

*Is 15,000 followers fame? I mean, we’re not talking J.K. Rowling famous, but it’s more famous than me. So that’s a kind of fame, right?

**Don’t deny it. You’re doing it right now. Remembering that old arch nemesis, even though, technically, you’re too old to still have an arch nemesis. Don’t pretend you’ve never considered it. We’ve all been there.


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