Character Reference Sheet

I hadn’t realised I had been away from my blog for so long. That just goes to show what full time work does for you… Anyhow, I am still here and still writing (just about). And I once again have a new worksheet for you… Well, perhaps worksheet is the wrong word, but it’s certainly a useful resource.

Character Reference Sheet
Character Reference Sheet

There’s no example for this one because I think it’s pretty self-explanatory. Use it to keep track of the characters in your story. It was originally called the “Minor Character Worksheet” because I had been using it to do quick profiles of the minor characters in my next novel, but then I realised I could add all my characters to the list and have a quick reference sheet for the most important information about them. For me, it was being able to quickly see what colour hair or eyes any given character had as those are the details I forget most quickly.

As always, don’t stress over it and enjoy!


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