So I just watched The Thirteenth Tale on BBC Two and wow! What a gripping story! Normally, I am quite happy to only half pay attention to whatever’s on the box, but within about fifteen minutes, I was hooked. And I was trying to write.

It usually takes quite a lot to distract me from writing. This had a mystery I felt I could work out without actually being told outright. The clues were all there from the start, no sudden curve-balls or anything that I couldn’t possibly have known (I’m looking at Midsomer Murders now – I mean, come on! Give me at least a tiny clue!). It was clever, it was well-written and it kept my interest.

But by the end, I still felt that something was missing and I just couldn’t work out what. It was well-acted, the story hung together and all my questions had been answered. So I googled it.

Turns out, it was based on a book.

(And here’s the proof of how good I thought it was: I bought it right away.) If you’ve not seen it, check it out, because if it kept me entertained, you’re going to love it.