I’m Rubbish at Blogging

You know, the thing I seem to blog about most is always the fact that I forget to blog. It’s been the same on nearly every blog I’ve started, the exception being A Gamer’s Life for Me (Come on, writing about games I’ve played is much easier than writing about writing).

The problem is that I don’t have much to say. I want to share the fact that I’ve finished editing my latest novel Judgement with the world, but when I have just finished editing a book, that is literally all I have done. I haven’t got it published, haven’t found an agent, haven’t started something new. And it’s taken so long to do that I have nothing to blog about in between the post about starting the edit and the post about finishing the edit. Worst of all, neither post is that interesting to the majority of readers.

So what do you write about when writing is all that you’ve done?