In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Out of Reach.”

She would do anything to go back and change that night. She took everything from him, his family, his safety, the life he knew, all in exchange for a moment’s ‘freedom’, a ‘freedom’ no better than his imprisonment. At least in chains, he had been safe. Tucked away in that hidden corner, nobody had been able to hurt him. Until she came along.

As soon as escape beckoned to her, she had taken it. She had left him to face the dangers. Left him behind. He was out there alone. No one could help him. He was out of reach.



My first draft of Uncharted took far more work than most of my first drafts. It’s been nearly two years since I had my initial idea. The story now is nothing like the very first scribblings I made for the project.

What I’m here to talk about is plot. I’m usually terrible at plot. I mean, once I get started, it all comes together nicely, but as far as planning goes… not so much. I usually start with a character rather than a story. This time, it was Luc. I knew two things about him: he was trapped in a forest and I needed to free him. That made me think about who had trapped him, why and how he would be freed. Kari came to his rescue. Continue reading