The Rage: Part 5


Sometimes, you can hear them howling. I think they’re getting closer. We need to pack up and move on before Topi wastes away. When we first arrived, I filled my bag with supplies, expecting to leave at any moment. I’m still ready to go.

The others… I don’t think they want to leave. Topi doesn’t care and Miro and Emilia like the space. They’re always away together in some far corner of the building, whispering or giggling. They’ve been happier since we came here. I don’t remember the last time I saw Emilia smile. I don’t want her to stop.

There are noises outside. Someone else is out there. The daylight is fading. Our smoke and fire must have attracted attention. I try to get Topi to stand; I call out for Emilia and Miro. Something hits the steel shell of the building. They heard me.

I pull Topi behind a stack of shelves and find something to use to defend us. The noise is moving. Whatever is out there, it’s climbing the building. A shadow passes over the gap in the roof, travelling with the footsteps. It’s above us. If it gets in… I shout again.

“Miro! Emilia!”


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