Monday Motivation Writing Challenge

Respond to the Challenge

What if every single thing you did in a day just went wrong? Link to your story in the comments or respond in a new post and I’ll reblog my favourite one.


Never forget this: What you write this month will not be published.

Not never, but certainly not in the form that it comes out on November 30. So with that in mind, go mad! Add in hundreds of characters to that party scene, name each of them and describe what they’re wearing, eating and drinking. And then move on and never look at them again. Or, if your scene lacks drama, snowstorm! (But my story is on a spaceship… Doesn’t matter. I said, SNOWSTORM!) You’re in control for this month. Let your inner child write your story with crayons! It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense, or if it’s unnecessary, they are all words and they all count. Every single one.

Or, for those who find it hard to turn off their inner editors… Rewrite. Rewrite the same sentence ten times if you want to. But always start a new line, never delete. And type each word by hand if you want to avoid feeling like you’re cheating. All the words count. You wrote them.

And dream sequences are awesome when you’re stuck. Literally anything can happen without affecting your plot. And look at all the lovely words.

If you really want to publish your story, you will have to draft and redraft anyway, so don’t let the first attempt zap all the fun out of the experience. Don’t be afraid of writing the impossible or the improbable or the downright loony. Have fun.

Really. Do.

240815Here’s something to get your brain working. Write a story about the last dream you had. Imagine that you are trapped inside it and there’s a task you must complete in order to wake up. What’s happening? What do you have to do to escape? Good luck!

We all need a kickstart on a Monday. The proof? It’s taken me all day to write this post.

Your character is the last blonde person on the planet. In no more than 200 words, tell a story of them having the most fun.

It sucks. It’s true! No one tells you how much it’s going to suck. A lot of writers do complain about all the crap they have to do to promote books and get published. Writer’s block totally destroys the pace of a story. Story lines don’t always work quite like you were expecting them to work. But that’s kinda the sucky stuff you should expect from being a writer, just like anyone going to work in a swimming pool should expect to get splashed.

But here’s the thing no one is ever going to tell you about being a writer:

Gin doesn’t always help.